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Brief Church History

    During the transitional period after the death of the great Pastor, Rev. Dr. C. J. Anderson, the LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob began to carve out and mode the Great St. John Metropolitan M.B.C. out of the now Greater St. John M.B.C. While on the corner of 19th and Market, a remnant of 17 members 
has now grown to over 50 faithful members and, over 300 names on the church roll. 

    During this transitional period, Pastor Scott stayed in constant prayer for GOD’s 
divine guidance. As he searched for a church home for the remnant, it became a 
modern day wilderness journey. The LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 
touched Mr. Sam’s heart. He opened up the banquet room, as well as obtaining 
                                            hotel rooms for our church curriculum needs. (And he 
                                            is still most generous to this Pastor and to G.S.J.M.B.C.) May the GOD of Abraham, Isaac                                             and Jacob, in the Precious Name of JESUS forever bless he and his family; and Mr. David                                             and his family, the owner. 

                                            Pastor Scott and the remnant also met at the Holiday Inn Hotel located in East Oakland for                                             our weekly service, too. The LORD touched Pastor Eric McGee and he opened the doors at The Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church, which is located in San Francisco, where Dr. Scott baptized several members during this transitional period. 

    Being led by the LORD, Dr. Scott and the remnant began to sacrifice and 
save money in preparation for a future church home. We were blessed to raise 
over $250,000. 

    In 2004 the membership began to grow. We no longer attended Greater 
St. John M.B.C. (for Pastor Scott fulfilled the prophetic saying by Dr. Anderson) he was 
now looking for a church building. We began to meet at the Monterey Pines Community Center located in Richmond,                                             CA.  

                                            Dr. Scott wore several “hats” while pasturing. Pastor Scott continued to work as a full time                                             high school teacher, while attending Golden Gate Theological Seminary. Eventually we were                                             led to the House of Truth C.O.G.I.C. located at 985 53rd Street in Oakland, where he                                             recognized the church from a vision shown by GOD. 

                                            The journey, since September of 2000 to the present, 
has not been an easy one. Through the storms of tribulation, by faith in JESUS, 
we always “crossed over to the other side” more than conquerors. For we believe 
that we could do all things through CHRIST WHO strengthens us. 

    Through the storms of being accused, abused and put to the side, the LORD 
strengthened us by faith to go through. Through the horrific, countless, proceeding storms we crossed that “Red Sea” more than conquerors; we made it. Through the troubling storm of high interest on the primary loan, the LORD extended the time and HE became our FINANCIER. . .For HE made financial ways out-of-no-way for this faith-believing membership. Oh, we crossed over the “muddy banks of the Jordan River”. 

    The many threats and the many dark days, sickness and distress did not detour us from this very day of celebration. “No man can do these things accept GOD be with him.” No man with a membership with an 11% interest and 40 to 45 members with income, besides the children and babies, could do these things accept GOD be with him.
To GOD Be The Glory!
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